Lighting and Lamps :

Lighting Up Your Space with Beauty and Style.

We’re so happy to bring you our comprehensive Light and Chandeliers Guide, where we as HOMEGDECOR.COM are taking a look at the wonderful world of lights that light up your space but is also enhancing it with beauty and style. If you are going to choose the lighting of your house or room, we’re very happy to share our expertise and experience with you.

  1. Understand the importance of lighting
    Proper lighting is essential for the purpose of determining your room’s mood and atmosphere. In terms of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, as well as an improvement in the home feel, good lighting is very important. Whether you want a little more brightness in the living room or if you’re going to try and make your dining room an even higher level of sophistication, it is worth noting how important this lighting is.
  2. Explore the world of chandeliers
    One of the most traditional examples of elegance and beauty, Chandeliers are also available in a range of types of light fittings. These beautiful lighting systems, which enhanced their sense of beauty and majesty, had long been enjoyed by the best places. In view of the variety of finishes, shapes and materials that are capable of being incorporated into chandeliers inspired by a particular design pattern, it is an ideal complement to any room.
  3. Types of chandeliers
    3.1 Traditional chandelier
    Traditional chandeliers are accompanied by classic charm which complements Victorian, baroque and retro styles of architecture. Those who appreciate the beauty of historic art, which was designed with sophisticated style and are often decorated with crystal or glass elements, will be able to appreciate these chandeliers.

3.2 Modern chandelier
For contemporary spaces, modern chandeliers offer a sleek, minimalist approach to lighting. Clean lines, geometric forms and innovation materials are a fundamental feature of today’s chandelier design. They have been seamlessly integrated into a contemporary and diverse interior, through their distinctive shapes and forms; daringly expressing themselves.

3.3 Rustic Chandelier
In your living space, the traditional chandeliers bring warmth in from the countryside. These candle holders are often decorated with natural materials such as wood, steel or horn and they give you a sense of nostalgia and comfort. They are an ideal match for a cabin, lodge or any place that craves the feeling ofrustic charm.

3.4 Crystal Chandelier
There’s no other comparison to the shimmering light of a crystal chandelier. In any room, crystal chandeliers may seem to be the centre of attention as they fascinate all who watch them with their dazzling beauty.

3.5 mini chandelier
Don’t let limited space stop you from experiencing the charm of a chandelier. Mini chandeliers offer a compact yet stylish solution for small rooms, entryways or even bathrooms. They retain the charm of large chandeliers while perfectly complementing the dimensions of even the most casual spaces.

  1. Tips for Choosing the Best Chandelier
    Finding the correct chandelier in your space can be a little difficult, given that there are so many options. However, we’ve given you a couple of useful advice in order to steer you through the selection process:

4.1 Consider size
Before making a purchase, carefully measure the space where you want to hang the chandelier. Make sure the dimensions of the chandelier suit the size of the room without overwhelming it. The general rule is to choose a chandelier that is 12 inches narrower than the width of the room.

4.2 Set the Style
Choose a chandelier that matches your overall interior style. If your décor leans toward the traditional, a classic chandelier with ornate details may be the ideal choice.

4.3 Think about height
The height at which the chandelier hangs is important for both functionality and aesthetics. In the dining room, the lower part of the chandelier should generally hang 30 to 36 inches above the table. For a foyer or entryway, consider the height of the room’s ceiling to find the right hanging height.

4.4 Pay attention to lighting requirements
Consider the purpose of the chandelier in the room. If it’s the main light source, make sure it provides enough light for the entire space. On the other hand, if it is intended for a decorative purpose or to create ambiance, you can opt for